Nothing but your t-shirt on


I slowly peeled my eyes open but quickly shut them again due to the blinding light coming through the blinds. I buried my head into my pillow and reached my arm behind me but to my surprise, I was the only one in the bed. I turned over and frowned when I didn’t see Harry’s body lying next to mine.

It was Saturday and it was supposed to be his day off. We had planned on just staying in all day and spending much needed time together, since he would be going on tour soon. I sighed and turned over so I was lying on my back and heard something crumple beneath my head. I unfolded the piece of paper that was neatly folded with Sleeping Beauty written across the front. I smiled; that was Harry’s nickname for me since it was my favorite movie and I always loved falling asleep on his shoulder.

Good morning love – Please don’t be too mad, it’s not my fault I promise. We had a last minute meeting and they said we all had to be there. I’ll be home as soon as it’s over. I love you!


I sighed and put the note aside as I got out of bed. It was 11, so he’d probably left not long ago. I decided to take a shower, taking my time to keep myself busy until he got home.

After I was done I wrapped a towel around my body and walked back into our bedroom. I went over to the closet to grab one of my sweatshirts but couldn’t find one. I sighed when I remembered I hadn’t done the laundry yet and looked around the room for something comfy to wear. My eyes found one of Harry’s t shirts in a pile on the floor and I picked it up. His Ramones shirt; my favorite. I slipped it on, taking in his scent which immediately made my smile, and felt the soft cotton fall just above the middle of my thigh.

I skipped downstairs to get something to eat and smiled to myself when I remembered that there was still leftover pizza from the night before. I opened the fridge and grabbed piece of pizza and a beer and kicked it shut, walking over to the couch and sinking into the soft leather. I took a bite of my pizza and clicked the TV on and pressed play on Friend with Benefits since me and Harry had fallen asleep while watching it last night.

As I opened my beer and took a sip I hadn’t even heard the door open.

“Charlie? Are you up-“ I lowered my bottle when I heard his husky voice echo throughout our apartment and I saw him standing in the doorway, his eyes locked on me. I smiled brightly at him. “Hey!”

He had a small smirk hiding behind his lips as I watched his eyes scan my body from head to toe until his eyes met mine again.

“Well, this sure is a nice sight to come home to.” He dropped his bag from his shoulder and made his way over to me.

“You’re joking right?” I asked with a small chuckle. “I look a mess!”

The couch sunk in as he sat down next to my feet which were propped up, giving him almost no room to sit. “You know I love when you wear my clothes…” He said as he wrapped his hands around my legs and pulled me over to him in one swift movement. He rested my legs on his lap and ran a hand through my hair.

“Plus it’s sexy when girls drink beer.” He said in a low voice, resting his forehead against mine. I felt his hands rub up and down my thighs and I shuddered at his touch. I watched him smirk as he titled his head so his lips could meet mine. I willingly kissed back, my hand traveling up his arm to the back of his neck. He kissed me slowly, but with incredible passion and it made me melt.

He started to pull away, but I decided I wasn’t finished. I tangled my fingers in his curls and pulled him back to me, desperate to feel his lips on mine. He smiled into the kiss and pressed his lips firmly to mine as our kiss got a little harder. My fingers massaged his scalp as my other hand gripped at his t shirt. I let my tongue graze his bottom lip, even though I knew I didn’t need permission. He opened his mouth quickly and my tongue invaded his mouth. Both of our tongues battled for dominance as our kiss soon got more and more heated.

I felt his hands move further up my thighs and under the hem of his t shirt that had ridden up, revealing my new white lace underwear. His hands gripped my thighs and I understood his signal, swinging my leg over his lap so I was straddling him.

His hands moved their way up my, well his, t shirt and over my sides, gliding over my back and finally landing on my bum which he gave a tight squeeze, making me smile into the kiss. My hands found their way to the hem of his shirt and I slipped them up it, my palms sliding up and down his chest.

We hadn’t had sex in a while, since he was usually pretty busy, and I realized that’s all I wanted right now.

He got the hint and pulled away from me, as he ripped his shirt over his head and tossed it on the ground. His lips immediately attached to skin on my neck as he began sucking random spots. I let my head loll back so he had better access as my hands marveled at his new six pack that he was sporting these days. He found my sweet spot easily and nibbled and sucked at it, making me let out a moan from the back of my throat. My moans turning him on even more, I felt him harden beneath me. I winced slightly as he broke skin but his tongue was soon gliding over the new bruise, taking away the discomfort.

I decided to speed things up a little bit and pulled his top over my head, his eyes bulging as he saw that I had no bra on. I bit my lip and giggled and his eyes met mine at the sound of my giggling. I knew that was one of his turn ons so I did it again and his pants continued to become tighter. His eyes darkened and the only thing that could be seen in them was pure lust.

His fingers gripped at my hair and pulled my face close to him so I could feel his breath hitting my face. “The things I’m going to do to you.” He huskily said into my lips. I could feel myself becoming hopelessly wet and I wouldn’t have been surprised if my panties were soaked by now.

I nipped at his bottom lip, pulling it back slightly making him groan before bringing my mouth to his ear. “Show me what you’re made of, Styles.” I felt him shudder as I lightly bit down on his ear lobe, grinding myself into his now rock hard crotch.

Before I could stop him, he had us flipped over so I was sitting on the couch. His hands gripped the back of the couch to keep himself up and I could see his biceps protruding. He kissed my lips roughly before nipping down my neck and making it to my collar bones where he paused and took extra time, making sure he left his mark before making his way down the my breasts. He teasingly kissed the top of them and then in between my cleavage, making me groan impatiently.

I felt him smirk against my skin before he took my right breast in his hand, his lips immediately attaching to my nipple. I moaned as I felt him suck and pull back, bringing my nipple with him before performing his assault on my other breast as well.

He left kisses all down my body, licking around my belly button piercing briefly, before reaching my panty line and leaving kisses across it. I groaned, soon becoming tired of waiting, and bucked my hips.

He shoved my hips back down and his face hovered over mine, his eyes almost black with lust. “I’m in control right now.” He growled against my lips.

He returned to his previous position and kneeled on the floor in front of me. He hooked his thumbs under the thin material and pulled it down my legs as slow as possible. He kissed and nipped at my inner thighs, purposely avoiding the only area I wanted him right now.

“Hurry the fuck up, Harry!” I groaned. He smirked and I felt his breath hit me making me shiver. He finally let his tongue roll across my clit and I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. He tilted his head up and cocked an eyebrow at me.

“I’ve barely touched you, yet you’re already moaning for me.” He said cockily. He was obviously pleased with himself and I glared at him. His tongue rolled over my clit once more, harder this time and I bit down on my lip desperately trying not moan, not wanting to give him the satisfaction anymore.

“Oh, so you’re not going to make anymore noise?” He asked and shook my head. He chuckled. “We’ll see about that.”

I gasped when I felt his lips wrap around my clit and suck on it and I was already moaning again. “You like that, babe?” His voice vibrated against my clit, making me moan even louder as I tangled my hands in his hair. My chest heaved up and down as he furiously sucked and nipped at my clit. Without warning he shoved two of his long fingers in me. “Oh god!” I moaned.

He moved his fingers quickly as his lips were still sucking relentlessly on my clit, making my head spin. He added another finger and curved them upwards, rubbing against my g-spot. “Fuck, oh god, keep doing that!” I cried out.

He felt my walls tighten around his fingers and quickly pulled out and my head shot up. “Not so fast, love.” He said as he hovered over me again. He brought his fingers to my lips and I obliged, opening my mouth to lick his fingers clean and get a taste of myself. I made a pop sound as I removed his fingers from my mouth and he let out a small moan. He brought his hand in between us again and rubbed at my clit at a furious pace.

“Who made you this wet?” He asked in husky voice. I moaned loudly at the incredible pressure he was putting on my clit. “You did!”

Unexpectedly, he shoved his entire length in me and I screamed in pain and pleasure. He pumped in and out of me and soon all I could feel was complete euphoria. “Oh god, faster Harry!” I moaned and wrapped my arms around his back. He grinded against me quickly, panting loudly. His single chain hung down in front of my face and I bit down on it with my teeth. He groaned loudly as he looked down at me. “Fuck, Charlie, you look so sexy like that.”

I couldn’t even respond. I was moaning uncontrollably and I knew I was going to reach the end soon. Suddenly, Harry stopped and sat down on the couch, quickly pulling me onto his lap so I was straddling him once again. “Ride me, babe.” I pressed my lips against his, our tongues finding each other immediately as I lowered myself onto him. We both moaned into each others mouths as he filled me completely. I slowly started moving up and down on him and soon his hands were on my waist guiding me.

It wasn’t long before I had picked up the pace again and we were both panting, sweat forming on both of our hairlines and Harry’s curls becoming damp.

“Say my name.” He groaned and pulled me up before slamming me back down making sure to hit my g spot every single time.

“H-harry, oh god.” I moaned as he kept up the pace, but now started going harder and deeper, something I didn’t think possible at this point.

“Louder! I want everyone to know who’s making you feel this good! Scream my name!” He shouted and I could feel his shaft beginning to twitch inside of me.

“HARRY! Oh god, Harry, fuck! Fuck me harder, Harry!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, his length feeling incredible as he filled me completely, guiding my hips as he brought his up every time I brought mine down so we were in sync.

“Fuck, Charlie!” He screamed and we both climaxed at the same time. He exploded inside of me, shooting everything he had. I shook as my climax took over every inch of my body and continued grinding against him, making our highs last as long as possible.

I collapsed on his chest as he pulled out of me, both of us completely out of breath. Our bodies were sticky with sweat as we clung onto each other. We stayed in each others arms in silence for a bit as we let our breathing steady.

I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck and kissed it softly while he drew small circles on my back. “I love you.” He said into my hair. “So, so much.” I felt him kiss the top of my head and I smiled before tilting my head up to meet his eyes. “I love you too, Harry.” 

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